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Making textbooks accessible to everyone in Curaçao

Your textbooks accessible digitally for a fixed monthly fee.

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Digital access to all your textbooks

BUKU offers you digital access to a growing number of textbooks. Don't just use the books on your book list, but any book that helps you with your studies, research or job.

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Study smarter

With BUKU you search in all books at lightning speed. You can compile your own book lists, make notes and mark texts. And you do not even have to read through the built-in reading function.

That way you study more efficiently and faster.

Always and everywhere

BUKU works on your laptop or desktop. You can also use your books online and offline on your tablet or smartphone.
Wherever you are.

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The new way of studying

BUKU is a streaming service for books that offers much more than just ‘the paper book behind glass’. We have developed functionalities that will make your study life a lot easier.

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Study cheaper

Studying is already expensive enough; tuition, laptop, renting a room, going out. Thanks to BUKU you can save more money for other things.

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Check if your books are included in our library:

Is your book not included?

Unfortunately not all books are available in our library yet.
Fill in the book you need below and we will send the relevant publisher a notification.
Tip: many alternative books are available for a wide range of subjects.