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As a teacher, BUKU gives you unlimited access to all textbooks in the digital environment using the teacher account of your college or university.

Free BUKU subscription

Free subscription for teachers

The BUKU subscription is free for teachers if you sign up using the teacher account of your college or university. In exchange for the free use, BUKU shares your reading information with the publishers whose books you read and use. This way, you help improve education as a teacher.

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Use as much as you want

Use as much as you want

BUKU offers unlimited access to all textbooks in the application without the need for students to pay extra. Thanks to this all-you-can-read concept, as a teacher, you have total freedom to use the best possible study material. The offer of BUKU even allows you to create your own book lists, select chapters and even pages, and share them with students. This makes readers a thing of the past.


BUKU works with the latest edition of a book. You can also choose to continue working with a previous edition. With BUKU, both teacher and student always have the desired edition.

Material in order

Material in order

To many teachers, it is an annoyance when students attend their classes without books. With BUKU, students always have the right study material, which avoids wasting time and energy.

Always available

Because the textbooks are presented in BUKU, the teacher has access to all textbooks on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Always available


BUKU is prepared for ‘enriched content’ such as interactive exercises, videos, audio clips, and exam training. These extras are increasingly being included in eBooks, which makes studying easier, more effective, and more fun. This allows the student to prepare better and the teacher to go over the substance more easily and effectively.

Frequently asked questions

Is there something you do not understand? Or do you have a technical question? You can find the most frequently asked questions below. Is your question not included? Then go to Help Centre.

Can I use BUKU for free as a teacher?

All teachers in higher education can make unlimited use of BUKU for free via SURFconext. Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us via

Do I have restrictions as a teacher?

Teachers are free to use BUKU as they see fit and are not restricted in any way. A great advantage is that BUKU can also exist next to regular books. For instance, during a class, there may be a mix of students who are using 'regular' books and students who are using BUKU. Of course, BUKU has the advantage that students can make unlimited use of a huge number of books.

Why is my educational institution not in the list?

SURFconext allows teachers to be authorized free of charge. However, every educational institution must first activate BUKU manually. If your education institution is not yet available, please contact the IT / System administration department of your educational institution.

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