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Easily distribute your books worldwide, contribute to a better world and enable a sustainable revenue model.

With this platform BUKU wants to ensure that students can always access all their textbooks on a convenient and user-friendly application, for a fixed fee per month. Anywhere and anytime.

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Continuous source of income

Publishers receive monthly revenues from BUKU. These are based on usage measured in time. The more intensively the textbooks are used, the higher their compensation. Month after month, as long as the books are read and used.

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Big Data: user statistics

By registering the reading behaviour, BUKU can determine the payout per book. These so-called statistics - big data – can be seen in real-time by the publisher within their own dashboard. This gives a publisher quick and focused insight into how books are read. This big data can be used to implement targeted improvements and optimise the markering strategy.

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Free participation

Publishers can place their content on BUKU for free, so that the material is available to subscribers immediately. As soon as the books are in the library, revenue is generated when they are read. With its extensive in-house expertise, BUKU can assist with the integration of interactive material in eBooks.

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Enlarge your audience

The all-you-can-read concept removes reading barriers. With BUKU, students and professionals have access to all textbooks relevant to their field. By participating in BUKU, you increase your chances of reaching a new reader audience and make it easier to take the step toward internationalisation.

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Creating a win-win situation for students, teachers and publishers.

Participate in a sustainable business model and gain insight into your textbooks.

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